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  • Random Thoughts…….

    We all heard the famous line “When life hands you lemons make lemonade Lemons are a sour/bitter fruit. You must submerge it with sugar and water. Why would I want to subject my life and time to a sour/bitter fruit of troubles? Who decide to make this into a famous saying? Why lemons? You cannot […]

  • Things I thought about in 2020

    It feels like the exciting side of me has left.Why?It feels like I am in this world alone at times.Why?I feel like I am an outcast no-one likes me, loves me, or cares about me.Why?Why is this world so dark?I have more questions than answers.2020 has triggered a lot of emotional, physical, and mental challenges […]

  • A state of mind!!🤳🤳🤳

    The way your body feels Weak, emotionless, painful Drained of any life Anything can come and sweep you away And that’s how you feel Then out of nowhere, there’s a light A burst of energy Then happiness creeps in Then joy appear in the air Your confidence level excels The feeling your on top of […]