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  • My Father

    My Father

    Live life in faith not by sight.

  • Someday!!!

    Someday we’ll see our loved ones who passed away again. Someday all sickness, pain, and sorrow will be gone. Someday war will be no more. Someday we will smile, laugh, and have happiness again. Someday we will be surrounded with love, joy, and peacefulness. Someday we will have a blessed and rich life. Someday only […]

  • You are my……

    I depend on you You are my rock. You are my guiding light when my world is dark. You are my warmth when it is cold. You are the voice I hear when I am making decisions. When I am lost, you are the one who finds me. When I am scare, you are the […]

  • This is for all men and women!!!👀👀👁👁

    When you start to see gray hair, please don’t rush to color your gray. We shouldn’t be ashamed of gray but embrace, love and, treasure your gray hair.  Proverbs 16.31 Regardless of all the negativity in the world today, enjoy the simple things of life. Before you were able to travel the world, you enjoyed […]

  • Hope

    I always had high hopes for my life. Regardless, of what other people thought. I couldn’t CONFORM to what other people wanted me to do. God made me unique and special with all my imperfections. I am a strong, open-minded, opinionated, confident, independent woman. I am comfortable In my skin. I do have bad moments, […]

  • What is Love?

    What is Love?