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  • Helpless…

    Sleepiness nights lead to painful days and nights.During the day, you wonder if there is a light at the end of this tunnel?During the night, you beg for the pain to go away and come back another time.During the night, your mind races sporadically.Your thoughts begin to cloud your judgment badly.Your body wages war against […]

  • Take a Knee

    I take a knee, not because you want me to. I take a knee, not because you ask me to. I take a knee, not because of the solidarity of the protesters. I take a knee, not in the name of racism. I take a knee, not because of systemic racism, which has been going […]

  • Hope

    I always had high hopes for my life. Regardless, of what other people thought. I couldn’t CONFORM to what other people wanted me to do. God made me unique and special with all my imperfections. I am a strong, open-minded, opinionated, confident, independent woman. I am comfortable In my skin. I do have bad moments, […]

  • 2020…. Part 1

    2020 Part 1

  • Quarantine///At Home

    I am all over the place. Try to keep up please The quarantine can do a lot to people mentally and physically. It’s not just about isolation from others. You find yourself slowing down from life in general. You have time to think about everything you had done in your life. It’s just you and […]