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  • I see the light now

    It’s been an interesting four months. I have been working non stop for four months straight. I had some days where I just wanted to throw myself out the window. My other personality came out a few times. If she comes out that meant you have reach my limit and she needs to put you […]

  • Why I write

    I write because I have something to say.I write because these thoughts are clogging up my brain.I write because you prefer to read my thoughts then listen to them.I write because you can read it from the horse’s mouth.I write because it is my outlet. I write because some people want me to remain silent.I […]

  • It’s Monday

    My level of dealing with stupidity has been met for the day. Happy Monday…

  • Two sentence…..

    My world shines brighter. Recently, I ended my relationships with Facebook and Instagram.

  • Do you really know me???🧐🧐🧐🤔

    Do you really know me???🧐🧐🧐🤔

    To know me is to love me unconditionally.To love me unconditionally; is to accept all my imperfections, my weird mind, my different personalities, my mood swings, my mental illness, and my physical disabilities without judgment.To know me is to be close to me and be able to share our opinions openly.To know me is to […]

  • Faith not Sight

    Unblock your sight

  • My Mood….

    Had to Fired someone today. That’s tough! Its suck to sucks….

  • 2020 Part 3…..

    2020 Part 3…..

    It is interesting how this world changed in the blink of an eye. 2019 would be the last year things in the world were normal. People didn’t care about issues like racial disparities, police shooting, unexplained deaths, food shortages, and other serious concerns. Now it is a new year the same issues except there is […]

  • Hakuna Matata…..

  • 2020…. Part 2

    2020…. Part 2

    We are only halfway through the year 2020.In the last five months, it seems like an entire year has passed by.To date, 2020 included events such as fires, floods, earthquakes, mass shootings, massive deaths and, a major pandemic. In 2020 we have lost more lives then the world trade center attacks, the mass shootings, hurricanes, […]