Question for the day…

Why is it when people see the nasty side of you, they say you must have lost your mind?

Well yes we have lost our minds, but you have lost your mind by trying us!!

A Karen Day

Yesterday I had a Karen call my work phone. She went off for a good two minutes before I was allow to say one word. She continues to rant to be honest I had no clue what she was talking about. She was reaching my limit, so I kindly put the phone down press the mute button, and then the speaker button. She had my daughter and husband laughing their head off. Eventually I took a deep breath and started laughing as well. She would not shut up for 15 minutes straight. Finally I was allow to speak so I ask can I call you back? She Hung Up On Me.

Well Karen, tell them why you mad, tell them how you really feel!

Is this what it comes down too?

Really! We are really playing this game Who has the bigger balls? The earth has been pleaded with a beast called COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus. She doesn’t care about your social status, age, race, family, how rich, or how poor you are. She is a very feisty beast running havoc on the world swallowing us slowly.

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This is the time when everyone should come together to find a solution. Naturally, one-sized doesn’t fit all situations. Sharing information can be beneficial for everyone during the brainstorming period. If all the different countries place their ideas and information together; pretty sure they can come up with some conscientious decision that works for this beast. People prefer to blame, call out, minimize, lie, and argue with each other. They are so concerned with blaming each other for the devastation the beast has caused. We can care less about the stupidly that is being displayed to the public. We just want this beast to stop killing our loved ones. She has destroyed so many lives in a short period. Rona(Coronavirus) has created a new normal for everyone. We all are scrambling to figure out what the next steps are. This beast has publically proved she is the dictator of this storyline. As soon as the government officials get their heads out of the clouds. Maybe we can start the climb out of this beast’s belly.

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Yes, the world’s system of things has been compromised. People have lost jobs, companies, money, family members, and even worst their lives. Every time we turn on the television for guidance, we end up with misleading information. The death toll is steadily rising. The number of people with COVID-19 is still going up. There is some hope people are recovering from the sickness.

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1 Thes. 5:17

My up and down days

By Painbug

As an emotional roller coaster my days are filled with mixed emotions. I can get out the bed feeling good and happy ,but the moment I come into contact with other people its like a different personality comes to light. I become silent and don’t care to be bother with anyone. In some cases just as quick as I was eager to leave the house; is as faster as I want to get back home. My home seems to be my security blanket. It is hard to be around people when you are constantly in pain. I feel I’m on the edge and don’t have control over anything. Sometimes I feel lost with no direction or purpose at all.

I visited the idea of talking to a professional that didn’t help much especially since they was always rescheduling my appointments. Eventually I gave up on that idea. Talking to family members really doesn’t help. I always feel they are judging me for one thing or another. I started finding my own ways of coping with my life. The less people I am around the more helpful it is. I now have a limited amount of people I come into contact with in general. I try to stay away from family to much drama I can’t deal with. I became my own cheer-leader and coach to help me through everyday. Music seems to be helping, writing, not to mention my husband and children as well. Traveling helps a lot too except I had to change my views on this idea. Meditation helps during those times when getting out the bed is not a option.

This summer I decided to work on me. I diverted all my attention to focusing on myself still a working process. Sometimes you have to disconnect from the world to prepare yourself for the world.