Daily Prompt: #Explore

Explore“>Every day is new chance to explore the world.  When night falls asleep the day will arise giving us a chance to shine. When we look around you can see the trees are happy the plants and flower are blooming. The sky has a pretty blue look while the clouds are foaming different symbols. The Water is calm and flowing while whistling. Get out today explore the world around you for every day has a new look.

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My Days…………………..

It has been rough, demanding, and painful journey these last couple of months. I’ve been emotionally and physically drained throughout the day. Each morning how I woke up determines the flow of the day. Some days I would accomplish a lot of my goals and other days I am lucky to out of the bed. Too bad my mind and body are not on the same page. It’s a consist battle to be positive and motivated during the day. I have questioned my faith numerous times. I wonder if this is my punishment for something I have done in my past.

Emotion support is hard to maintain by yourself. You need a strong support system to help you survived the day.


This thing call life what is it?

We have up and downs all the time. I have been through so much in this last two weeks I wondered how did I survive it.  No matter what age you are life will test you. I went from losing a relationship with my son to losing a sister in law and wanting to kill my husband all on the same night. I felt so weak and in so much pain mentally and physically that I couldn’t think straight at all.  It was like my world was crashing and there was nothing I could do but sit and watch. My drama last over the weekend and stuff got real on that Monday. I still didn’t have time to think because I had to be a wife and a sister in law. The stuff with my son was put on hold and the beef with husband was put on ice. I was so grateful for my neighbor she stepped up to volunteer and keep my daughter while we had to leave the state. She wanted to make sure my daughter wouldn’t miss school. I didn’t think about my daughter missing school.

While dealing with my brother in law the drama started the moment we stepped into his house. I have never come across so many fake money hungry property thieving people.  I drove nine hours straight to arrive 12:30 am at a house we always stayed. We were told by people we never met that we would have to stay at a hotel. Are you kidding me we are out in the country land where the nearest hotel is a roach motel 30 minutes drive away.  By the time we check into the hotel and lay our heads down, it was almost 2 am. The service was the next day at 10:00 am.

How can you??? Things to think about.

What do you when you have lived most of your life with limited family contact?

When you’re in need of family support and no one is there how do you handle that?

How do you feel when you are in a comfortable position without the help of family?

What do you when you are unable to fight for yourself and family finally decides to show up and now they know what is best for you?

How can they speak for you and they barely know you?

How can you send someone to live in a lonely place by themselves for the rest of their days?

How can you live with yourself knowing you never knew that family member at all?

Please get to know your family members before making a final decision for them.

By Pain Bug


Travelling — yarn and pencil

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My past four days


I did some sightseeing and walking around to get my steps in for my leg. Within five hours I was done for the day. I sat down on the couch and there was nothing left in me. I fell asleep for five hours. Then once again I was up for most of the night. I have muscle relaxers but who wants to keep taking those to go asleep. Next thing you know some other organ will be messed up in my body.


I ended up in the bed all day the pain was out of this world. This pain was so bad my body had shut down.


Today was an interesting day. I had to push myself to get out the bed. Once I did it was on I was mentally ready for the day. I wanted to go to the shooting range. My husband was cool because he felt I was motivated to leave the house.  I was motivated to get up and didn’t want to lay in the bed all day. I had a good time plus we took our neighbor with us to the range. It was her first time ever shooting a gun. She nervous at first, but got the hang it. It was soothing for me my target’s name was pain.

It is only the third day of the week and already it was rough on me.


Well, I had some energy this morning we ran some errands. The pain was there but I was still able to continue my business. We ended up receiving some discouraging news today and there goes Anxiety. I really need to get a grid on things. I want the old me back. She would receive discouraging news it would just bounce off of her.  The most interesting thing was the news wasn’t that important in the first place. The problem with anxiety is it really does not matter at all how important something is to have a breakdown.


I miss… me — Fibro Awareness Project

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