My Depression and Anxiety is Real

I have dealt with depression my whole life, but now it has become worst. I went through post partum depression with both of my children. After every child it seemed to get worse. My depression turns into insecurities and meltdowns. It also turned into anxiety when approached too fast. I have had intrusive thoughts about my children and my husband. I used to question why was I even still alive because my life was so bad. I didn’t know how to manage anything in my life and it bothered me. I realized I wasn’t even in control of my mind. It took over and I couldn’t even go throughout my day to day without feeling like I had to lay in bed and sleep all day to make the mental pain go away. God is what helped me manage on top of putting great people in my circle. I attend counseling and I am starting to feel less anxiety as time goes on. I am trying to start a business and that makes the anxiety swell up at times, but I intend to make it my reality. God has provided for me mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, and he has changed me from the inside out. I am forever grateful. This is not an overnight healing. It takes time and I am still healing.


My Piercings- Experience & Pain — Love, Lauren Ellen

Hello Everyone, So todays post is a little different than my usual posts but I thought it would be a good one to do as a lot of people tend to ask about piercings and how painful they are. Although I don’t have a huge amount of piercings, I thought I would share the few […]

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Today was an interesting day. I am learning about myself. Somehow I’ve become a stronger woman💪💪 who speaks up when needed. I tried to work a temp assignment just to see if I was able to work. I realize quickly this wasn’t working for me, ✋✋”nope nope nope thats not it”. I used to be that person who will work hard for the money and then try harder to find time for myself🕛🕛🕛. I was told to work until the pain starts the only problem is I am always in pain👎👎. My pain intensifies at times but is consistent throughout the day and night. So I thought about what was said to me and realize it is not worth the money.

Sometimes you have to worry about yourself👊👀👊. If you burn yourself out how would you function afterward?

Coping with Life Changes and Starting Anew — Goals: Are you on Track?

It’s true that I don’t have the knowledge and experience to achieve greatness, and I have already stumbled in ignorance and fallen into pools of self-pity. I am not scared, for I hold charts that will make it possible to get to where it seemed but a dream yesterday

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☆ Peace OF Mind😇💐💖 — umaima12blog

■ PEACE OF MIND is when you don’t have any guilt about the things you’ve said or done. There are many people out there who use drugs, sleeping aids, etc. to help them cope with the chaos >_< in their lives. If you live your life honestly, obey the laws, and help people in need, […]

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