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  • It’s Good Friday

    Happy Friday. Thank God we made it to see another day. No Stress day. Have a bless day. Painbug

  • Why I write

    I write because I have something to say.I write because these thoughts are clogging up my brain.I write because you prefer to read my thoughts then listen to them.I write because you can read it from the horse’s mouth.I write because it is my outlet. I write because some people want me to remain silent.I […]

  • It’s has been a minute so here we go…

    It’s has been a minute so here we go…

    1) If you reach out to someone and try to express your feelings, and somehow it goes sideways. You need to ask yourself, is this something you want to explore further or park it and carry on with life?Learn how to set limits/boundaries/thresholds on what you will tolerate.Example: If I say you have met my […]

  • It’s Monday

    My level of dealing with stupidity has been met for the day. Happy Monday…

  • Two sentence…..

    My world shines brighter. Recently, I ended my relationships with Facebook and Instagram.

  • Do you really know me???🧐🧐🧐🤔

    Do you really know me???🧐🧐🧐🤔

    To know me is to love me unconditionally.To love me unconditionally; is to accept all my imperfections, my weird mind, my different personalities, my mood swings, my mental illness, and my physical disabilities without judgment.To know me is to be close to me and be able to share our opinions openly.To know me is to […]

  • Me, Myself and I….👩🏽😮🙃‼‼‼

    Me, Myself and I….👩🏽😮🙃‼‼‼

    I can love you with every ounce in my body and kill every ounce of myself. I can praise you with beautiful words and destroy myself with one word. I can help shape you into the person you should become at the same time I can crush the person I am. I can support you […]

  • Faith not Sight

    Unblock your sight

  • 2020 Part 3…..

    2020 Part 3…..

    It is interesting how this world changed in the blink of an eye. 2019 would be the last year things in the world were normal. People didn’t care about issues like racial disparities, police shooting, unexplained deaths, food shortages, and other serious concerns. Now it is a new year the same issues except there is […]

  • It’s been a while….

    Hey guys and gals. It’s been a while since my last post. I have been busy, mentally, and physically. I had to stay in the house for a couple of months. I started watching videos on how to learn how to sew. I started a few projects, such as making my hair scarfs and face […]