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  • 2019….


    Travel during 2019

  • 2020…. Part 2

    2020…. Part 2

    We are only halfway through the year 2020.In the last five months, it seems like an entire year has passed by.To date, 2020 included events such as fires, floods, earthquakes, mass shootings, massive deaths and, a major pandemic. In 2020 we have lost more lives then the world trade center attacks, the mass shootings, hurricanes, […]

  • Title-less…

    I was so precious. I was unique and beautiful. I was innocent and pure. I was gullible and vulnerable. I was violated.   I was a child. I was so alone. I was so confused and lost. I was scared.   I was robbed of my childhood.  You berated and belittle me constantly. You beat me and […]

  • Am I who they say I am?🧐👀👁👀

    They say I will never amount to anything in life.They say I am the spawn who walks the earth.They say I will ruin everything I touch.They say one look at me will scar you for life.They say no one will ever like me.They say I am ugly.They say I should just crawl in a corner […]

  • 2020…. Part 1

    2020 Part 1

  • What is Love?

    What is Love?

  • Help save a life!!!!

    I wear a mask to protect you. Can you please wear a mask to protect me? Let’s stop the spread of COVID-19

  • Emotional feeling of “Self-Pity”

    Self-pity is a mental struggle.

  • Here is something I wrote right after 9/11 one of the saddest day in history

    Here it is couple of days later. We still feel the hurtful pain that leaves a huge hole in everyone heart. Every voice you hear is asking why? Why was this evil put upon us? Why so many people had to die? Why would a person bring himself to perform an act like this? Why […]

  • Have you ever felt this way before?

    One day you are on top of the world The next day you’re beneath the earth One day you have everything going for you The next day everything was taking from you One day you have the biggest smile on your face The next day that biggest smile is a frown One day you’re the […]