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  • My Father

    My Father

    Live life in faith not by sight.

  • Spring break 2021 (Covid-19 free fall)

    I was ask what are you doing for spring break? What are you doing for your for your birthday? My respond was respecting the Covid-19 virus and staying way from people!!!!

  • Pain… Part 1

    I can’t shake this pain inside of me.It follows me all the time.This pain has consumed my happiness, my joy, and my life.This pain forced me into an unwilling, one-sided marriage.Now I am in a space where it’s just pain and I.My entire world has been fill with pain. What can I do to escape […]

  • Someday!!!

    Someday we’ll see our loved ones who passed away again. Someday all sickness, pain, and sorrow will be gone. Someday war will be no more. Someday we will smile, laugh, and have happiness again. Someday we will be surrounded with love, joy, and peacefulness. Someday we will have a blessed and rich life. Someday only […]

  • Customer service reps

    Why is it so hard for people to do the job they are paid to do. If you have a position in customer service and it requires you to assist the person Why are you trying to make the customer do your job. I have over 20+ years in customer service experience. I know the […]

  • Be a advocate

    Sometimes you must advocate for yourself.  You might have to go against your doctor’s advice/medical opinions to find the appropriate solution.  I spent this past last year being bounced around from specialist to specialist. They either wanted to offer surgery or some medication. It’s has been a full year! Full circle right back to where […]

  • A year to remember…

    Here we are at the end of 2020. So much has happened in this past year. 2020 will go down in the history books. There has never been a year like this or will never be again.  2020 presented the first for a lot of things that happen A deadly killed more people than our […]

  • Small Facemask…

    Looking for places to donate face masks. Any ideas? Fighting this virus starts with protecting our face..

  • Selfless/Careless

    Well, here we are two weeks, left in this year. As of today, the United States lost 309,859 lives to a hidden killer. This killer is relentless, blind, and deaf.  Coronavirus has no filter or preference. She shows up like a thief in the night. She leaves a trail of lives behind. She tackles you […]

  • Feeling

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