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  • Life is to short.

    via Daily Prompt: Laughter We walk around as if we have plenty of time to get things done. We focus on the wrong things such as money, cars, clothes, and all materials things that are meaningless. We all have to add laughter to our daily routines. Sometimes we have to make ourselves laugh just to […]

  • Life…….

    This thing call life what is it? We have up and downs all the time. I have been through so much in this last two weeks I wondered how did I survive it.  No matter what age you are life will test you. I went from losing a relationship with my son to losing a sister […]

  • How can you??? Things to think about.

    What do you when you have lived most of your life with limited family contact? When you’re in need of family support and no one is there how do you handle that? How do you feel when you are in a comfortable position without the help of family? What do you when you are unable […]

  • Living everyday with chronic pain

    This is my first time so please bear with me.  Here is my story the short version. I was born with a fatty tumor in my lower back. It looked like I had a little monkey tail. When I was two years old they surgical cut it down.  The site was an ugly puff scar. […]

  • Hello world