Stress can hinder you in many ways

 negative stress pictures
Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!

I am learning stress has lot of control of your well being in life. Unwillingly we allow stress to interfere in daily functions. Home,work, school and soical gathering can be very stressful for a person to deal with.

My Quarantine Vacation

quarantine cartoon

We had to self-quarantine for several days due to a coworker being exposed to the virus from a relative. My emotions were at its peak the whole time. My anxiety and paranoia kicked into overdrive. Normally I don’t mind staying home, but when other people have to stay home with you it’s nerve-racking. Every cough, sneeze, and nose-blowing I heard had me wondering if we had the virus. To ease the tension I secluded myself in the bed; and binge Netflix, Amazon Prime, and cable. The news came, we were clear to go back to work and resume life again. Sadly freedom only lasted for a couple of days.


Had to take a break…..

It has been trying times lately. Some days depression would beat my butt all day long, then anxiety would come in and finish the job. I have been on an emotional roller coaster daily. It seem life was throwing rocks, bricks and grenades at me. Good thing I have professional outlets to utilize in times like this. To be honest I don’t think I would’ve mentally been able to come out of this fight alone without any assistance. It is truly important to have a good emotional support team in your corner at all times. As we all know mental health can affect a person at any given time. It is hard to fight this battle alone.

I’ve learned you have to removed yourself away from of toxic environments, and people. It is fine to be alone from time to time to detox from these issues at hand. You will have time to think clearly and work on yourself. Each time you will discover something new about yourself to work on. Key point is learning how to be honest with yourself and accept your situation for what it is. We all are imperfect humans. We all are a working progress. I had to reply heavily on my faith. Praying always works wonder on our lives.

Emotional feeling of “Self-Pity”

Self-pity is a mental struggle. It can be overwhelming to deal with. It’s a feeling you can’t control when it strikes. The flood gates of feelings rush in like an ocean of water during a hurricane. The aim is to destroy everything in its path.
It took a few years for me to realize I was exercising my right to indulge in the self-pity world. One day I realize what was going on in the middle of an episode. Then, I started to ask why I’m punishing myself like this? It was time for a meeting with myself. This conversion was really deep. I started wondering if there was something mentally wrong with me?
Started wondering about the physical and mental pain I was dealing with. I am not the person I use to be before this injury. My life has been dismantled before my eyes. I suffer pain and anxiety attacks daily. Now I suffer from other health issues.
On the other hand, as I started to analyze my situation. Yes, we are broken physically and mentally. Yes, the caliber of my life has changed. Yes, we are miserable at times. Yes, this pain and other health problems are a real pain in the rear to deal with. I asked myself, do I allow this to define who I am or do I want to live life the best way I can?
Whenever self-pity tries to show its ugly head; I quickly shut it down.

Don’t it take over your world