Follow up to foreign objects in my body

Last month, I had another surgery for the spinal cord stimulator. They had to reposition the battery pack in my backside. It was so painful I was under the impression it was infected. At night time, I laid on my left side it felt like someone was pulling the tissue surrounding the pouch it was placed in. I could feel the piercing through my skin and fat. There were times I would be walking all of a sudden. I would feel a hard tucking in the lower back. Then, I would feel the box pushing through the skin.

The only way to fix this is surgery. They had to go in and place it in another spot. Also, they wanted to make sure there wasn’t an infection in the area.

Well, surgery went well, with no infection in the site. They also cleaned the pouch out and sealed it up.  The new area is higher and deeper in my backside. It took a week to heal. Now, I can’t even feel the battery at all. I can lay on my side with no problems at all. Plus, my other pain that is being treated is at bay again.

This was one of the best decisions I made. I would recommend this procedure as a last resort. I don’t take any pain medications. Well, I am allergic to all the good and not so good medications. I will not say it took away all my pain, but for me, any kind of relief is welcome. I just learned how to adjust and listen to my body. Living with pain is a daily lesson. No two days are the same from head to toe. I still have to live life the best way I can.


One response to “Follow up to foreign objects in my body”

  1. I’ve heard so many horror stories, I’m so glad it’s working for you. I turned down the chance to get one, and choose meds. Just wasn’t there yet. I have an implant for my Bipolar Disorder. It’s placed in my upper left chest and it was an adjustment getting used to the vibration to my vocal cords. So glad it relieves some of your pain. Take care. 🙂


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