Copping with foreign objects in my body

How do you trick your body into accepting foreign objects? This is a question I am still trying to answer. I received a spinal cord stimulator implant back in 2021. Two different incisions with different components inserted in my upper back and lower bottom. I was aware of  the possible risks evolving the implants.

The machine works no complains with the functionality. I love the flexibility of having control of the intensity of electric shock flowing through my body. There are two cords placed along the spinal cord column. They are attached to a box located in another area of my body. I can’t feel the leads, but I can feel the box. It’s very noticeable to me. Unlike the leads, there is pain in the area where the implant was placed.

My  body seems to reject it every couple of months. The area is sensitive and tender. It’s becomes puffy, red, warm to touch, and swollen. The surgeon explained they created a pouch in the fat to pocket the device. I shouldn’t really feel anything. However, that isn’t the case. It feels as if  the device is  pushing up against my skin. Like my body is trying to push the object out. My body  has realized it’s doesn’t belong and is trying to get rid of it.

A couple of months after the procedure, I complained  about the pian. They assure me it’s just healing and can be some discomfort associated. It has been a year, and it still is painful periodically. Those days, I just want to have it removed. Then I think about the leads which by now have attached to the skin, muscles, and whatever else is surrounding the spinal cord area. The pain associated with the removal is enough for me to just talk about and not carry out any action. I am still learning how to deal with this new situation.

For now, I have to learn how to deal with it for a couple of years.

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