Life through my eyes

I started working on showcasing my crafts. A lot of my crafts started out as inspiration projects ,but somewhere down the line it turn into something totally different. The internet has many resources to utilize. I found myself following people such as Sam Calcott, Jennifermaker, Louise Beauregard, Sara Davies, The Cricut Community, and a few others. These women and crafters show you how to create, and put your own personal touch Into your crafts. I want to give them credit and thank them for their time and willingness to share with others.

While it does take time, creativity, and willingness once you open your mind the arts just flows out of you. The last two and a half years I have unlock an creative side of me that was hidden.  Over this period of time I would make things and gift them so other could feel special and appreciated.

I have been told to stop doing it, but how when giving is an opportunity you earn honestly. I started taking pictures of things I have made over time. I would like to start selling these items to be honest it does cost money  for supplies. A hard lesson to learn but the point has hit its mark bluntly.

Well enough of that here are some of my pictures.

©️ Pain Bug 2022

©️ Pain Bug 2022


One response to “Life through my eyes”

  1. You are absolutely soooo very talented.  I appreciate your kindness and friendship.  I feel truly blessed to be a recipient of several of your unique creations.  My favorite is my Heart picture, “2020 New Chance at Life”, in recognition of being a heart failure survivor.  You are such an awesome individual who is highly professional, yet so relatable, and conscientious wife and mother.  It is a blessing to know you and I would like to order two of the cards at the top of your article!   Continue To Shine!!  Malverna


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