Covid -19 days

I have managed to be covid free for the last two years. I limited my interactions we people. Always had a face mask on, and carried hand sanitizer. Well, it finally caught up with me I’ve been tagged.

There is nothing that can prepare you for this virus. Being high risk things can go from mild to worst. My first night I had a fever, stomach pain, body pain, and a massive headache. Then things got worst vomiting and diarrhea. All through the night it was horrible. The next day I thought I would have to go to the hospital. My husband had went and got me two different kinds of medications It didn’t work. Two days later took another covid test it was positive.

Some people say there symptoms were like a cold. Others on the other hand have different opinions. The cold/flu has nothing on COVID-19. It took eight days to test negative. I was prescribe the non FDA approved medicine. I have to say it help alot my symptoms didn’t worst. Since the negative I have taken three more test to make sure I didn’t get the rebound covid. One of the draw back are you can test positive within a few days of finishing the medicine or a negative result. The other draw was the lost of taste while on the medication.

I do have a lingering cough with occasional phlegm and slight sore throat. For the most part everything has clear up.

I will continue to mask up, wash hands, and social distance. I don’t want to experience covid again, once was enough to last a lifetime.


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