Five months in

Last year around October,  I agreed to try a Spinal Cord Stimulator trial for seven days. It was a success so we started the process for the approval of the permanent implant. It was explained it would take about two to three months for the insurance to approve everything.

To my surprise within the following week of my trial I was scheduled for  Neurological consultation for an implant.  In December I was on the schedule for a permanent implant. I was happy and sad at the same time. The procedure didn’t scare me it was the possibility of complications afterward. When you experience complications from a traumatic surgery PTSD and anxiety kick in every time.

Recovery time lasts about eight weeks. They made two incisions one in the upper back in the spine area. The other was in my butt cheek. The leads(wires) are along the spine and the actual device is in my butt. Why would they think a butt is an amicable place for a little box, is beyond my thinking level. The two scars are ugly but who will be looking.

Moving along the implant is a process all by itself. There are so many settings to play with. They give you a little cute remote and an official card which is supposed to be with you all the time. They do warn you about possible signs of infections from surgery. The main idea is not to feel pain or stimulation from the device.

A few times I experienced some stimulations and boy did it put me down. The program setting was overstimulating me. It was a familiar feeling prior to implant, it felt like someone was sitting at a desk and pushing the electric button to shock me. Getting the right setting is still a work in progress.

Next update I should have a better assessment for this implant.


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