Sometimes you have to remind yourself about life. Life has a way of beating you down. All you can do is pat yourself on the shoulders and pull yourself up again.

Our God is a loving heavenly father he allow us free will to learn about him and his beloved son. There are numerous religions available in the world. Some mention our heavenly father God others focus on other Gods and things. 

 Depending on where you live in the world you might have the option of choosing which religion you want to study.

 Through the years I have study different religious Faith’s. I felt inadequate always searching for something. In the last couple of years I found what I was missing.

I finally  fought my home.  My heart is rejoice, my mind  always wanting more, my body feels at peace. When you have true faith no matter what the world throws at you, you will always be happy. You tend  to focus on the positive only.


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