My reality.

It’s time to stop pretending. My mirror shows the true me daily.
Every day is the same look, just a different mask. I wear multiple face masks.
The last couple of months has been a work in progress for me. My mirror has shared many stories of my life with me. I am guilty of being fake.

This mirror will not allow me to continue on this path. I am running out of masks to wear. The monkey on my back is lighter nowadays. Feel a little better about me

Mirror, Mirror position in such a way we are face to face, I can’t avoid your display. Each day you are honest and brutal in every way. I can’t hide who I am because you make sure it’s me stirring back at you. I appreciate and value your true opinion of me.
One day I will look at you and accept all of me.
This will be who I am
! ©Painbug 2022

©Painbug 2022


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