My trial experince….

I agreed to try the spinal cord stimulator trial for seven days. The day of the procedure wasn’t as bad. I had to be awake for the surgery. The surgery took place in the provider’s office. As usual, I felt fine until I went to the back. My anxiety was off the chain. I had second thoughts. I was trying to find any reason to get up and leave. My husband came with me for support. The nurse came and explained some things about the procedure. Another nurse came in and asked my husband to wait outside until the surgery was complete. Once he left I, asked the nurse who was setting up to insert an IV. I asked her if she was a good poker? They are only allowed to stick me twice. She assured me she was the best. Guess what she poked me, and she blew the vein. Seeing I was serious, she got two other nurses. The first thing they ask. Where is your husband? They went and got him and told him to stay with me until they moved me to the surgery room.
The next day the medicine wore off. My back was sore and stiff. At first, it felt like a monkey was on my back. I was able to change the stimulator via remote. They called every day to see if the stimulator was working. The only issue I had was the tape was pulling the wires and my skin every time I moved. For the most part, the trial was a success. Hopefully, they will come up with a better way to secure the wires during the trial.