Month: March 2021

  • Random Thoughts…….

    We all heard the famous line “When life hands you lemons make lemonade Lemons are a sour/bitter fruit. You must submerge it with sugar and water. Why would I want to subject my life and time to a sour/bitter fruit of troubles? Who decide to make this into a famous saying? Why lemons? You cannot […]

  • Pain Part 2

    Where is the boundary line in this relationship? I gave you my all, in-return you gave me discouragement, sadness, and loneliness. My nights are long and sleepless. My days are dysfunctional and filled with worry. Some days I feel like a visitor in my own body. I began to daydream about the time when this […]

  • Year 2021 Part 1

    It’s a new year with the same old problems from 2020.People couldn’t wait for the year 2021 to come around. What changes have we seen thus far?Covid-19 has improved her game and started producing different variants of the virus. The deaths are over 500,000 in the United States alone. We still have high positive cases […]

  • My Father

    My Father

    Live life in faith not by sight.

  • Spring break 2021 (Covid-19 free fall)

    I was ask what are you doing for spring break? What are you doing for your for your birthday? My respond was respecting the Covid-19 virus and staying way from people!!!!