Month: December 2020

  • Selfless/Careless

    Well, here we are two weeks, left in this year. As of today, the United States lost 309,859 lives to a hidden killer. This killer is relentless, blind, and deaf.  Coronavirus has no filter or preference. She shows up like a thief in the night. She leaves a trail of lives behind. She tackles you […]

  • Feeling

    P Physical A Agonizing I Industriousness N Nuisance Ā©Painbug 2020

  • Faith..šŸ™Œ

    You never know how faith and strength intertwine until it is the only thing you have left. When you have faith, you gain the strength to be resilient. Faith leads to strength, which leads to being able to face the worst things head-on and overcome them. 2 Peter 1:5 Ā©Painbug 2020

  • Why?

    Why is it the hardest thing to do is Agree to Disagree?We all are entitled to our opinions. God bless us with free will. He allows us to discern between right and wrong. Everyone won’t be on the same page all the time. The least we can do is meet halfway instead of tearing each […]

  • Things I thought about in 2020

    It feels like the exciting side of me has left.Why?It feels like I am in this world alone at times.Why?I feel like I am an outcast no-one likes me, loves me, or cares about me.Why?Why is this world so dark?I have more questions than answers.2020 has triggered a lot of emotional, physical, and mental challenges […]

  • Sunshine Shutdown

    If Florida had to shutdown it would be World War 3,4,5. This country is suffering badly with political drama, wild fires, violence protests, and a horrendous pandemic. Covid-19 has killed more people then the Spanish flu, WWI and other major events that took in the world.