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Pain Bug

I am 30+ year old married with 6 children. They are all grown except one and she reminds us every day she is the baby. We love to travel. I am a spontaneous spur of the moment person. I created this blog as an outlet to express my emotions. We all need an outlet to help us cope with chronic pain and mental health.

3 thoughts on “Music…..”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I absolutely love music and find it to be very relaxing. With all the craziness we are dealing with and have been for months, if I did not have music in my ears I would have lost my mind. You shared some great songs as well! Have you ever heard of a band The Radical Something or Simple Plan? Radical Something is out of California and not really on the radio, but they are one of my favorite. Simple Plan is from Canada and they are pretty great as well! I also love The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, they are the band my husband proposed on stage with so I have a special place in my heart for them.


    1. Thank you. These songs are apart of my playlist. Have you heard Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye Captain Marvel) he made four songs they sound pretty good? I have a playlist full of the different bands that I like. I just listening to The Radical Something they are pretty good. It is interesting how music can calm the soul.

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