Working from home….😕😣🤐

Working from home can be an unexpected chore. I would start the week off all perky with a clean desk, and high energy.

The beginning of the week

By the end of the week

I am so over the this…. That’s a tomorrow problem.

I’m not alone in this battle.

My office space is a divide between the living room, dog space, and my husband’s office space. My office room is a spare room for the kids when they come home to visit.

Published by

Pain Bug

I am 30+ year old married with 6 children. They are all grown except one and she reminds us every day she is the baby. We love to travel. I am a spontaneous spur of the moment person. I created this blog as an outlet to express my emotions. We all need an outlet to help us cope with chronic pain and mental health.

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