June 1, 2020

Today, while I was shopping at Costco warehouse. An older woman approached me and said the following “I just wanted you to know that your life matters. God created all of us the same. We all are his children. I thought so should know that” When she finished, I said to her Thank you, and your life matters too. We all are God’s Children.

It took courage for her to stop me and say something like that. I know it came from her heart.

My heart is heavy. There is so much going on in the U.S and around the world. People are rioting, stealing, and destroying property in the name of George Floyd. They are using this man’s death as an excuse to be destructive. I understand protesting; the people need to have their voices heard.

I do not understand the violence. Why are people burning down businesses, looting, or even taunting the police? Why are you destroying and stealing from your community? Where is the logic? We have lost so many lives due to violence.

Racism is a major problem we have dealt with for generations. We can not fight violence with violence. We will never solve anything as long as people are feeding and fueling the violence.

We are still in the middle of a pandemic. Please wear your masks and gloves while protesting. We do not need to add more deaths to the count already.


4 responses to “June 1, 2020”

  1. Unfortunately, you are very correct with saying racism is a huge issue in the country. I do not and never will understand why anyone feels they are better than another and anyone that is different doesn’t matter. I have always treated everyone equally and with respect because we all deserve that! I grew up in a state with no diversity, so when I moved to a big city I was able to learn about others backgrounds and I appreciate that! Unfortunately, I do believe and hate saying this but the amount of hatred has grown so much over the last 3.5 years, but I understand it has been around long before that time. Sadly, my mother is on the side that judges people and it makes me sick and causes her and I issues. Truthfully, there were protests where I live over the weekend and they were actually peaceful. Even though I want to protest because what is going on is wrong, I am scared being around crowds, especially with the virus spreading so fast. The only thing people where I live did wrong was there was no social distancing or masks. Thank you for this post because this information is very important and people need to understand that racism is wrong. We are all human beings with a beating heart!


  2. The violence saddens me too but it seems many are not listening including our government . News of riots in Portland , of protesters being taken from the streets without being read of their rights and placed in unmarked vans. Unbelievable . Are we still in America? The virus will harm more because even our President doesn’t want to be aggressive in stopping it . His words are important for people to listen and change . every state is now to each his own . What’s scary is some Governors don’t believe this is serious despite of the surge in the communities .


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