Quarantine///At Home

I am all over the place. Try to keep up please

A fact-checker in quarantine sees misinformation in a new light

The quarantine can do a lot to people mentally and physically. It’s not just about isolation from others. You find yourself slowing down from life in general. You have time to think about everything you had done in your life. It’s just you and your thoughts no interruptions or excuses. Time literally slows down you begin to realize there is so much time on your hands to complete the things you had postponed because of life.


You start to think about the people you surround yourself with the good and the bad ones. The evaluating process begins with the past and current relationships you had. You start wondering if you should make amends with people or just leave it alone. It’s amazing how you realize the actions you have taken in the past weren’t completely thought out. Now you analyze every move you make. The daydreams start to become stronger. You are more eager now than ever to hit the pavement running.


Quarantine time gives you a new outlook on life and the people around you. Now is the time to complete the goals you have set out to do. Utilizes your time wisely. Try not to be hasty and live the best life you can.


One response to “Quarantine///At Home”

  1. Pain Bug, I personally spend much of my time planning lessons and developing materials for the courses I teach. When New York decides to veer to distance learning, some of my colleagues thought it would be an easy ride. Some soon realized the deficiencies in the proper use of technology for their teaching job! I am lucky to have complete my terminal degree entirely online, that experience kicked in immediately.

    I do understand that those who can’t work from home have plenty of time on their hand. It is a time for introspection, a time to recalibrate, a time to aim right and build something positive from the ashes of what might have been askew in the past. A time to embrace physical isolation and turn it all around into its potential positive. I know one thing: despite the time I spend prepping for class, I can now devote some time to personal reading and writing!

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