Month: April 2020

  • Is this what it comes down too?

    Really! We are really playing this game Who has the bigger balls? The earth has been pleaded with a beast called COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus. She doesn’t care about your social status, age, race, family, how rich, or how poor you are. She is a very feisty beast running havoc on the world swallowing us slowly. […]

  • Quarantine///At Home

    I am all over the place. Try to keep up please The quarantine can do a lot to people mentally and physically. It’s not just about isolation from others. You find yourself slowing down from life in general. You have time to think about everything you had done in your life. It’s just you and […]

  • Who knew…🌪🌪🌪

    Who knew!!! How timely… I wrote this August 2019 Warning! A storm is on the way There is a terrible storm coming.One which no one will be able to handle.This storm will have everyone questioning, panicking, and racing for cover.This storm is one of a kind there has never been anything like this one before.You […]