Parent’s Job is never done!!!

Here it is Mother’s Day and we spending the day moving our daughter from one college dorm to another. Sounds simple right? Not at all. Our day started at 4:30 am we drove for about four hours. We arrive to a dorm that is pack with stuff. How does one accumulate so much stuff in a small confined area? Well I see this isn’t going to be fast and quick like our daughter promise. I had the pleasure of stuff sitting her stuff for one hour and half in a parking garage.

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Pain Bug

I am 30+ year old married with 6 children. They are all grown except one and she reminds us every day she is the baby. We love to travel. I am a spontaneous spur of the moment person. I created this blog as an outlet to express my emotions. We all need an outlet to help us cope with chronic pain and mental health.

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