This journey has so many curves….

My journey has been a struggle for me the last two years. Now I have to deal with an enlarged uterus, numerous fibroids, pain in the abdominal and abnormal bleeding. Not to mention one of the fibroids is 12 cm which is not good. More shit to deal with on top of everything else going on with me. To top everything I am beginning to distrust doctors altogether. Every time I turn around one of these doctors want to put me on some medication for reason or another. I am tired of taking medications and having to deal with side effects. I am done with the lack of communication between these Professional Medical people. If my primary dr has referred me to a specialist why can’t the just notify them as to what is going on? They have you fill out a book of paperwork on who is authorized to receive information. It is a pain in the butt to keep repeating the same stuff just so the doctor is informed becomes a hassle.

Now I have to deal with pharmacies political red tape just to try a last effort therapy before having a hysterectomy. Hopefully, we can resolve this soon I don’t need the added pain on top of what I am dealing with. Through this all, I am trying my best to maintain a positive outlook on things.


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