Month: October 2018

  • We all need some encouraging words to deal with this life we are in.

    Every woman need to see this I found this on facebook and had to replay it over and over to understand this is my life. The obstacles we face in life are relentless and we have to be stronger to make it through. I hope this helps someone

  • Reason or excuse? Your choice

    Originally posted on thesecretblind:
    Each day we write a new page in the life that is ours to do what we want with. The beauty in humanity is that the mix of stories that cascade down through time to create a pool of knowledge, helps us understand what is possible for us to create in…

  • Conversations with Me, Myself, and I

    Monday Inspiration I read an inspiration blog from Claire Saul(PainPalBlog) she provides some really good readings this one particularly reading caught my attention and had me thinking. It feels good to know there are other people who may be facing the same feelings as  I do. I would love to share my experiences and feeling […]

  • This roller coaster has began and what a ride it is….. Hurricane Michael 2018…

    This is the second category 4 hurricane I’ve been through since living in the sunshine state. Each storm have its own uniqueness to it. We have experienced city wide outages for a couple of days now some areas are still facing it. I can tell you first hand this hurricane has brought out the worst […]

  • Please be safe my fellow Floridians. We are in for an unwanted ride.

    Please be safe my fellow Floridians. We are in for an unwanted ride.

    Some first responders in Baton Rouge are other areas of Louisiana are headed to Florida ahead of Hurricane Michael. — Read on via Louisiana first responders head to Florida ahead of Hurricane Michael — Confessions of a BPD Wife Well, here we go again it’s seriously scary to think about the possibilities considering what […]

  • Who am I and Why I am here

    I am still learning about myself. I am a 40 “plus shipping and handling” something-year-old married with children. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 10+ years ago. In the last two years, I was also diagnosed with spinal cord injury, chronic pain, and severe nerve damage and some mental issues as well. Pain is […]

  • What can you do when the government tells you to go you are no longer disabled

    Can someone answer this question above? I have been told I am not longer disable and can get a job. Well, I have been in this condition for the years two going on three years now. My life has been turned upside down, sides ways and broken. The last time I tried to work was […]

  • Is there any light in this tunnel?

    Life has been a roller coaster for the last two and a half years of my life. There is a saying be careful what you ask for you just may get it. I use to wonder what people meant by they had to reconstruct their life after getting sick. I have experienced first hand what […]