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We are guilty of a lot of things some we know of and there are others we are not aware of. Sometimes we have to check ourselves and try to correct what’s wrong. The sad truth about being guilty is we prefer not to be seen as being wrong. I know I have my flaws and guilty pleasures but wrong is wrong. Here in this country the Land of the free, you are guilty until proven innocent I mean innocent until proven guilty. We have to prove our innocent all the time. Being guilty can the hardest feeling for you to get over. But being innocent and accused of being guilty can be heartbreaking.

Before we judge someone make sure you are absolutely right of that person guilt before you label them Just saying……..

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Pain Bug

I am 30+ year old married with 6 children. They are all grown except one and she reminds us every day she is the baby. We love to travel. I am a spontaneous spur of the moment person. I created this blog as an outlet to express my emotions. We all need an outlet to help us cope with chronic pain and mental health.

One thought on “Guilt…….”

  1. Fantastic post! I am very guilty of neglecting myself all the time, which causes my pain to get even worse. Sad thing is, I know what I am doing wrong, but never make any needed changes!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend ā™”

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