via Daily Prompt: Guilty

We are guilty of a lot of things some we know of and there are others we are not aware of. Sometimes we have to check ourselves and try to correct what’s wrong. The sad truth about being guilty is we prefer not to be seen as being wrong. I know I have my flaws and guilty pleasures but wrong is wrong. Here in this country the Land of the free, you are guilty until proven innocent I mean innocent until proven guilty. We have to prove our innocent all the time. Being guilty can the hardest feeling for you to get over. But being innocent and accused of being guilty can be heartbreaking.

Before we judge someone make sure you are absolutely right of that person guilt before you label them Just saying……..

Fishing for the first time

Don’t laugh at me…


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Life is to short.

via Daily Prompt: Laughter

We walk around as if we have plenty of time to get things done. We focus on the wrong things such as money, cars, clothes, and all materials things that are meaningless. We all have to add laughter to our daily routines. Sometimes we have to make ourselves laugh just to get through the moment. Enjoying happiness is priceless it doesn’t require anything from you except laughter. Enjoy life while you can

Life hands out many gifts.

Every human being suffers some type of problem in their life. My life has been an interesting struggle time after time. From a small child there were things I had to overcome. Fast forward to the present I have lost relationships, rekindled old ones, and also gained new ones. Through these quests there were plenty of gifts from life I have received. Unfortunately I am disabled but life have not left me broken.