Daily Prompt: #Explore

Explore“>Every day is new chance to explore the world.  When night falls asleep the day will arise giving us a chance to shine. When we look around you can see the trees are happy the plants and flower are blooming. The sky has a pretty blue look while the clouds are foaming different symbols. The Water is calm and flowing while whistling. Get out today explore the world around you for every day has a new look.

#Pain Bug #Explore #Enjoytheviewaroundyou



3 responses to “Daily Prompt: #Explore”

  1. Yes! You have the right attitude. We can easily focus on the negative, but being able to turn it around is great! Every morning I gives thanks to my Creator/God for giving me this day! I am standing, I am smiling and praying for safety for my family. When you suffer from pain in your back, knees, feet, etc., multiple sclerosis, and other illnesses, it takes energy to focus on what is right in life at this very minute. Somedays that is what we must do, focus on getting thru the next minute vs. the next 24 hours!

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