My past four days


I did some sightseeing and walking around to get my steps in for my leg. Within five hours I was done for the day. I sat down on the couch and there was nothing left in me. I fell asleep for five hours. Then once again I was up for most of the night. I have muscle relaxers but who wants to keep taking those to go asleep. Next thing you know some other organ will be messed up in my body.


I ended up in the bed all day the pain was out of this world. This pain was so bad my body had shut down.


Today was an interesting day. I had to push myself to get out the bed. Once I did it was on I was mentally ready for the day. I wanted to go to the shooting range. My husband was cool because he felt I was motivated to leave the house.  I was motivated to get up and didn’t want to lay in the bed all day. I had a good time plus we took our neighbor with us to the range. It was her first time ever shooting a gun. She nervous at first, but got the hang it. It was soothing for me my target’s name was pain.

It is only the third day of the week and already it was rough on me.


Well, I had some energy this morning we ran some errands. The pain was there but I was still able to continue my business. We ended up receiving some discouraging news today and there goes Anxiety. I really need to get a grid on things. I want the old me back. She would receive discouraging news it would just bounce off of her.  The most interesting thing was the news wasn’t that important in the first place. The problem with anxiety is it really does not matter at all how important something is to have a breakdown.



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