Today was an interesting day. I am learning about myself. Somehow I’ve become a stronger woman💪💪 who speaks up when needed. I tried to work a temp assignment just to see if I was able to work. I realize quickly this wasn’t working for me, ✋✋”nope nope nope thats not it”. I used to be that person who will work hard for the money and then try harder to find time for myself🕛🕛🕛. I was told to work until the pain starts the only problem is I am always in pain👎👎. My pain intensifies at times but is consistent throughout the day and night. So I thought about what was said to me and realize it is not worth the money.

Sometimes you have to worry about yourself👊👀👊. If you burn yourself out how would you function afterward?


3 responses to “10/12/17”

    • I realize no matter how hard you work in the long run you are hurting yourself more. I always had a job and when I was injury things changed for the worst. I worked for a whole year and a half in pain struggling to keep up an appearance I was ok. I end up losing everything and was still the pain was there. Now I am starting over with a new twist “my terms” this is my body no one will endure the pain I have nor will they ever have to. You have to take of yourself first so you can enjoy the money you make.

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