Riding the pain roller coaster!!

The last couple of days felt like I was on a roller coaster ride. There has been a lot of up and down moments. I would wake up with this burst of energy to find out it was just a passing moment. There are times when the moment my eyes open the pain and anxiety hits me right away.

I recently took on a project which is very demanding and time-consuming. The problem is I like the pressure and demand it requires of me. It gives me a glimpse of hope that I can do anything I set my mind to. The downside is now the anxiety attacks are more frequent now. The pain is very strong at times so my concentration is very poor. My ability to think straight diminishes slowly. I have been told I have the signs of PTSD.

It is amazing how we can develop mental if left untreated.  My husband thinks there might be something wrong with me. He believes if we don’t name or acknowledge it will go away. “Easier said then” tell that to the person who is dealing with the issues. Every day is a battle mentally and physically for me and others who are dealing with this thing called pain.



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