Month: October 2017

  • How can you??? Things to think about.

    What do you when you have lived most of your life with limited family contact? When you’re in need of family support and no one is there how do you handle that? How do you feel when you are in a comfortable position without the help of family? What do you when you are unable […]

  • Travelling — yarn and pencil

    Car journeys are becoming increasingly more difficult for me. Sometimes I’m fine but more often than not I’m experiencing sensory overload within minutes of starting a journey. So what do I feel? Well I don’t feel nauseous. To be honest I can’t explain how I feel exactly but I know what disturbs me. Flickering via […] […]

  • My past four days

    Monday! I did some sightseeing and walking around to get my steps in for my leg. Within five hours I was done for the day. I sat down on the couch and there was nothing left in me. I fell asleep for five hours. Then once again I was up for most of the night. I […]

  • I miss… me — Fibro Awareness Project

    I miss me. The girl that had a career drive stronger than a desire to have her own family The girl who knew what she wanted and was happy doing it The girl who was climbing the corporate ladder every year that passed The girl who impressed daddy, as lame as it may sound The […] […]

  • Constant state of Fatigue! — Survivors Blog Here

    Originally posted on Fightmsdaily: Good afternoon Y’all! I have been out of work for two weeks as of today, due to a MS flare up. It has been a difficult journey for me trying to get myself well again. I did the 5 days of steroids the doctor ordered and of course, it was horrible!… via […]


    Does everybody know the seven deadly sins? They are sometimes called the cardinal sins. And if you don’t like the connotation of the word sin, let’s call them defects of character. Ok, here’s the countdown and they are not listed in order of severity. Each one of them can be deadly if allowed to run […] […]

  • People have to much time to think when they are in pain

    Once again pain has me thinking about my life. The W’s questions who, what, when, and why tends to pop in my head often. I think about how my life would have been this past year if surgery would have been perfect. I can’t help but fantasize how I would’ve been making the money I was […]

  • GF Chicken Enchiladas OMG

    Source: GF Chicken Enchiladas OMG

  • Up Cannabis is the Tragically Hip’s official medical cannabis partner #MedicalDagga — Doctors For Dagga

    Up Cannabis is the Tragically Hip’s official medical cannabis partner #MedicalDagga — Doctors For Dagga (@DoctorsForDagga) October 24, 2017 // via Up Cannabis is the Tragically Hip’s official medical cannabis partner #MedicalDagga — Doctors For Dagga

  • My Depression and Anxiety is Real

    I have dealt with depression my whole life, but now it has become worst. I went through post partum depression with both of my children. After every child it seemed to get worse. My depression turns into insecurities and meltdowns. It also turned into anxiety when approached too fast. I have had intrusive thoughts about […]