Month: September 2017

  • 9/29/17

    So my Dr. changed my medicines today. The first scared I received was when the pharmacy tech told me “not to take both medicines together or I would be in big trouble”.

  • 9/28/17

    Well I didn’t last long for the day. I did two errands and it was the end of the day for me. I really believe Auntie flow monthly visit affect my nerves.

  • 9/27/17

    Today, started off on the wrong foot :(. My leg is stiff and ankle hurts really bad. On the good note, I have taken a shower without my shower chair or assistance. I was scared to be in the shower alone for more than five minutes. Sad thing was if I fell there was no […]

  • Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You! — Pain Pals

    Welcome to another week and to some more great blog posts! It has been a busy week in our household and some of you might have seen my post about moving one son home and the other off to university. Funny how Duncan and I have both woken up with splitting headaches this morning…..the only […] […]

  • Living everyday with chronic pain

    This is my first time so please bear with me.  Here is my story the short version. I was born with a fatty tumor in my lower back. It looked like I had a little monkey tail. When I was two years old they surgical cut it down.  The site was an ugly puff scar. […]

  • Hello world